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Core Treatment Services is a nonprofit, 16-bed residential and day-treatment AODA (Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse) treatment center that provides evidenced based treatment to individuals who struggle with substance abuse and/or co-occuring mental health conditions.

We Treat the Whole Person

 We treat the whole person - mind, body and spirit, to create healthier individuals and, by extension a healthier Manitowoc County.

CBRF and CCS Organization

CORE is a licensed CBRF (Community Based Resiential Facility  CCS (Comprehensive Community Services) organization.  Currently there are only four CCS certified AODA residential treatment centers in Wisconsin, CORE will be the fifth.    

Why we were created

CORE Treatment Services was founded because we believe in hope and promise for people who want something better than the destruction of substance use disorder. People who need residential treatment - something more than a sober living facility or recovery meetings.   

Our Commitment

At CORE Treatment Services we are committed to walking alongside each person as they start their recovery journey and as they progress, we will continue by going the extra mile.  We will help people find the residential and day treatment options, emotional tools, social connectedness, and employment opportunities for rebuilding their lives.      

Our Philosophy

We believe that when you treat the individual, you treat the community.  When addicted individuals are healed holistically, at their CORE, families are reunited, employers get better employees, communities get leaders, and we change the trajectory of lives for generations. We start by treating the CORE of the individual, but the impact fans out to the entire community because of the profound ripple effect that healing from addicition has.

Our Services

Residential Treatment

Residential substance use disorder treatment is an opportunity for individuals to receive treatment in a comfortable, home-like setting. We offer group, individual and family therapy to residents, as well as yoga, art, music, cooking and other life skills training. Residents are engaged in treatment activities and follow a daily schedule to also include physical exercise, community outings and recovery meetings. They receive one on one attention from clinical providers and peer support specialists.

Day Treatment

Day treatment services allows individuals to attend treatment every day from 9a – 3p, Monday – Friday. Each individual will have the opportunity to remain in school or continue working while receiving intensive therapy services. Each day an individual can expect two therapy groups and a lecture. Groups will also include yoga, mindfulness, reflection, art and music. Individuals will have the opportunity for one on one therapy every week with a licensed clinician.

Information for Professionals

We respect each individual’s path to recovery and are prepared to offer individualized treatment. ALL staff are trained in Comprehensive Community Services (CCS), peer support and are trauma informed. We believe that discharge planning and preparedness are just as important as the treatment. We will walk each individual through a thorough discharge process and begin making those arrangements within our community while they are receiving treatment.

Next Steps

Coming to CORE

Please look through the following information. The Intake Form and Medical Clearance Form will need to be filled out completely and brought with you to CORE Treatment Services upon arrival. The other documents have important information about procedures while at CORE.
Client Intake Form
Medical Clearance Form
Treatment Information
Intake Procedure
Client's Bill of Rights

Local Resources

Manitowoc AA Hotline: 1 (800) 355-7318
Manitowoc NA Hotline: 1 (888) 611-1813
Manitowoc Crisis Assessment Line: 1 (888) 552-6642
Life Point Safe Needle Exchange: 1 (920) 619-2270
Manitowoc Police Non- Emergency: 1 (920) 686-4155
Two Rivers Police Non-Emergency: 1 (920) 793-1191
Holy Family Memorial Hospital Emergency: 1 (920) 320-2603
Aurora Health Center Emergency: 1 (920) 794-5053
Manitowoc Alcohol and Drug Resource Center: www.211now.org

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Donations go to CORE Treatment Services, a non-profit organization in Manitowoc, WI. Our mission to is to help Manitowoc become the healthiest community in Wisconsin.


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3 Riverview Drive, Manitowoc, WI 54220 

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